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  • DISX® Mail

    COMMUNICATIONS WHAT IS DISX® MAIL? Logiq understands many businesses don’t want to invest in additional or duplicate hardware resources to enable secure communications and by promoting modern working practices such as ‘Bring Your Own Device’, we’ve introduced DISX Mail. Built upon our Secure Collaborative Environment (SCE) and utilising existing, approved, customer endpoints, DISX Mail provides…

  • DISX® AIR Details

    DETAILS THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN DISX AIR Logiq’s Defence Industry Secure eXchange (DISX) ecosystem provides seamless collaboration between the MOD and Defence Industry, enabling the processing and transmission of OFFICIAL (including ‘Sensitive’) information between users, secure industry partners and the MOD. DISX provides direct connectivity to services hosted on the Restricted LAN Interconnect…

  • DISX® AIR Terms & Conditions



    SECURE COMMUNICATIONS WHAT IS DISX® AIR? DISX Air is a streamlined service to meet the user requirements of a legacy, end-of-life, Official tier secure communications method and provides accounts for up to 3 users sharing a single physical device. DISX Air ensures the continuation of Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Other Government Department (OGD) communication…

  • DISX Mail

    Exceptional user-experience for communicating via email at the Official tier on existing approved endpoints.

  • DISX Lite

    An off-the-shelf service providing secure collaboration and communications at the OFFICIAL Tier.

  • DISX Air

    A streamlined service to meet the requirement of existing SCI users post Dec-23. Up to 3 users sharing a single physical device. Utilises Customer Provided Hardware (rebuilt by Logiq).

  • DISX® Lite

    CLOUD SECURE WHAT IS DISX® LITE? DISX Lite was developed as a specialised solution for clients whose requirements are less dynamic in nature. Retaining the same level of secure communication capabilities and efficient, familiar productivity tools (inc. Microsoft 365 desktop apps), DISX Lite offers focussed functionality for organisations who do not foresee a need to…

  • Secure Application Hosting

    SECURE WEB APPLICATION HOSTING What is a Secure Application Hosting Environment? Secure application hosting environments, also known as SAHE’s are at the forefront of secure app hosting. It was developed alongside government guidelines and has been approved to enable the storage and processing of classified documents that are Official and Official-Sensitive information. MONITORED APP HOSTING…

  • DISX Consultancy

    CYBER SECURITY CONSULTANCY cyber security specialists Cyber security should be at the forefront of all businesses. With such heavy reliance on IT and internet-enabled devices, the requirement for a solid cyber security strategy is paramount. Building bespoke cyber security into the bedrock of your business can reduce costs by protecting your most valuable data and…