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DISX Pro is Logiq Consulting’s secure, collaborative DART-registered digital workspace solution. It has been specifically designed for and with the Defence industry and the MOD. 

As a digital workspace solution built around M365 apps, DISX Pro incorporates familiar and sleek modern working solutions, including messaging, document production, storage, collaborative working, video and telephone conferencing, as well as design production tools. Whilst these tools promote a highly flexible and creative way of working, they are also protected by cutting-edge security. DISX Pro enables the storage of and collaboration with MOD official and sensitive data. Not only this but as a virtual workspace DISX Pro also promotes modern working practices such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This reduces duplication of working devices, reducing costs, emissions, and time. The fact that DISX is so flexible and secure a solution means that it is incredibly scalable as it can be tailored to fit specific departmental, output-orientated, requirements. 

DISX Pro is delivered as a fully managed and supported service IT infrastructure. We have a dedicated support team delivering industry-leading support to all customer queries and individual users. This way, we can ensure that the integrity and security of your bespoke solution package can always be maintained.



DISX Pro is the ideal solution for customers looking to adopt, integrate and deploy a secure IT system throughout their organisation, without compromising on capability and productivity.

  • Off-the-shelf service providing secure collaboration and communications at the OFFICIAL Tier.
  • Teams, Email (r.mil.uk and internet)
  • RLI, MODCloud and DEFNet access
  • M365 web and desktop apps
  • Internet browsing, Printing, Document Storage, PDF Viewer
  • Mobile device access (iOS/Android), custom domain, multi-team collaboration environment
  • Dedicated environment
  • Gold SLA with self-service portal, phone and email support with rapid resolution
  • Access methods: Desktop, Laptop or Cloud Hosted Machine

KEY Deliverables

  • Assured Security
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Bespoke Planning & Delivery
  • Data Migration
  • Extensive Security & Support
  • Service Management
  • Compliance


Tailored Implementation

Our specialist Security and Information Assurance experts work with clients to establish current and future business requirements. A tailored service will be designed where appropriate.

Through our agile approach, expertise and understanding of the demands placed upon our clients, Logiq welcome all enquires for bespoke solutions to ensure the capability and suitability for your individual organisational needs.

Get in touch for an initial discovery call with one of our team.

Customer Success Plan

Offering platinum service levels and resolution times across a myriad of preferred support methods, our customer success plan offers extensive professional support with varying levels of consultancy time allocated on an annual basis.


Our Secure Data Solutions in Action

Government and Industry Collaboration Project

May 2022

The threat of cyber-attacks on Government, companies, communities, and infrastructure has never been so prevalent. As these threats become more advanced, we are increasingly in need of a robust solution to ensure that data from multiple sources and media types is trustworthy before its ingested into workplace systems.

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