Streamlined secure collaboration and communications at the OFFICIAL Tier



Logiq’s Defence Industry Secure eXchange (DISX) ecosystem provides seamless collaboration between the MOD and Defence Industry, enabling the processing and transmission of OFFICIAL (including ‘Sensitive’) information between users, secure industry partners and the MOD. DISX provides direct connectivity to services hosted on the Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI), MODCloud and provides secure Email via the “r.mil.uk” domain.

DISX Air provides a lightweight, easily accessible capability designed to provide extensive communication with the MOD and secure Industry Partners. The service consists of:

Initial Service Configuration

Completing initial build activity to supply user accounts on the Service. To include build of selected hardware and/or set-up and configuration of cloud based virtual machines. Administrative activity includes customer onboarding (commercial) and user focussed pre-usage checks (security).

DISX Air User Licensing

DISX Air is provided on a per-user licensing model. The DISX Air service model prioritises a low monthly fee per user. Please note: any reassignment of users licenses mid-contract will incur a one-time administrative fee per change.

Multiple Access Options

DISX Air is accessible through a variety of Endpoint Devices. Dedicated physical hardware (Laptop or Desktop) can be provided by the customer or provisioned, on request, by Logiq. All physical hardware will be configured to the DISX Secure Baseline at Logiq’s Bristol Office. DISX Air can also be accessed utilising an existing corporate device (BYOD), through the provision of a Secure Cloud PC.


A print capability is available at customer nominated physical locations. The DISX Air Print solution will provide a specified printer and complete all configuration and installation activity. The printer is required to be co-located with a physical DISX device, which will need to be considered if a customer plans to use only Cloud PCs.

USB Import/Export

Secure, encrypted, HMG approved USBs can be provided to support bulk Import/Export.

Additional Software Licenses

Additional licensing supporting user productivity. Standard additional licensing includes:

  • Microsoft Office Applications – Full Desktop Applications
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio



Shared Setup and ConfigurationOnboarding£350One-Off


DISX Air Service SubscriptionPer User£840Annual

Endpoint Device

Choose one of:

Logiq Supplied EndpointPer Endpoint£900One-Off
Physical Endpoint ConfigurationPer Endpoint£120One-Off
Virtual Cloud PC Subscription:
2 vCPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB HDD
Per User£504Annual

Optional Capabilities:

Printer Bundle:
HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4102dw Black & White
Per Printer£665One-Off
Secure USB – 32GbPer USB£151One-Off
Shared MailboxPer Mailbox£76One-Off

Additional Licensing:

Microsoft 365 Business Standard
(DISX Air does not support MS Teams)
Per User£156Annual
Microsoft Project Plan 3Per User£360Annual
Microsoft Visio Plan 2Per User£180Annual

How to progress your order:

  • Complete and return the DISX Air Order Form, then:
  • Sign the DISX Air Terms, which will be sent for electronic signature under separate cover.
  • Ensure that you are ready to complete pre-onboarding requirements for all users:
  • Complete Detailed User Onboarding information.
  • Provide proof of SC Clearance and proof of MOD Sponsorship to access RLI Services: SecurityClearances@disx.co.uk

If you would like to discuss this proposal, or DISX services in more detail, please contact: sales@disx.co.uk  | +44 (0)1174577463

Key Information and Assumptions

  1. Following verification of ID, clearance and MOD sponsorship, users will be onboarded into the DISX Air Shared Environment for a period of 12 months.

  2. DISX is to be utilised as a standalone, secure, IT system exclusively by the Customer. There will be no connectivity to existing corporate networks or services.

  3. The Customer holds the responsibility for retaining records of their own assets, including, but not limited to, laptops, USB devices, printers.

  4. Where not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, the Customer is responsible for replacement hardware in the event of hardware faults.

  5. At the end of the contract all data held within the tenant will be provided to the Customer through a mutually agreed transfer process. Subject to the chosen approach, this may be subject to further costs.

  6. In accordance with MOD requirements, all Users must hold a National Security Vetting Clearance of SC and provide a rationale and an associated MOD sponsor to confirm they are a ‘Customer Authority Authorised User’.

  7. Where applicable – hardware provided or requested by the Customer is to be compatible with the service (TPM 2.0, UEFI, Secure Boot, Windows 10/11 Pro OOBE).

  8. An internet connection is available at user sites.

  9. Users will abide by the Security Operating Procedures (SyOPs), as requested by MOD. Logiq Consulting cannot be held responsible for the loss of accreditation based upon user unauthorised actions. Users not abiding by the SyOPs may be removed from the service without compensation.

  10. All information management will be conducted by Customer project staff.